Borobudur temple is the one of the best preserved ancient monument in Indonesia that are most frequently visited by over a million domestic as well as foreign visitors. It also had been acclaimed by the world as a cultural heritage main kind. The architectural style has no equal through out the world. The inspired structure representing the micro cosmos, which have very often given rise to question e.g. when, in what way, during how long time and by whom the sanctuary had been built.
The right answers up to now has remained a mistery since no written documents had been found so far. Based on brief inscription at the Borobudur's base floor that covered by soil, most scholars estimate that Borobudur was built around 800 AD when the Central java

under the reign of Samaratungga, king of Syailendra Dynasty who adhered to Mahayana Buddhism. It has been estimated that the construction of Borobudur took between 30 to 60 years to complate, based on the assumption that most of labourers were also farmers who had to stop work regularly to tend their farms.
There is evidance that the temple was originally coated in white plaster and painted. It must have been an awsome sight to see a majestic, colorful temple rising above the greenery! Borobudur has full of philosophical ornaments in which it is completly symbolizing the unity in diversity of path that can be followed to reach the ultimate aim of life. The reliefs engraved on the wall of the temple tell about the beatiful learning of life. However, during the 10 th and 11 th centuries there was transfer of power from central java to the east, Borobudur Temple became completly neglected and given over to decay because of that unfortunate political situation. The sanctuary was exposed to volcanic eruption and other ravages nature.

Neglected and abandoned for almost one thousand year had made Borobudur in ruinous condition when it was rediscovered in 1814, since then the excavition of Borobudur was begun. In 1907 - 1911 the big restoration was carried out by Dutch Goverment and directed by Theodore Van Erp. In fact, by uncovering the structure and not building a drainage system, he further endangered it by exposure to the elements of nature. The structure remained in grave danger of decay and collapse until 1973, when an association of 27 countries, the goverment of indonesia, UNESCO and several private organizations financed major resoration works. 23 February 1983, officially announced the completion of the restoration project.
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